August 13, 2022

Welcome to the taco culture!

As taco culture, I understand and study the set of norms around tacos. Where certain types of tacos are eaten, which ones are eaten in the morning and which ones are eaten at night, who eats them. As well as the use and social impact of tacos in Mexico and other parts of the world. Also understood as part of the taco culture are the ingredients, utensils and techniques used in the preparation.
January 14, 2021


All my life I had heard about nixtamalization, whether I understood what it was all about was another matter. It wasn't until I arrived in Germany, when my need to eat Mexican food made me wonder why I didn't "just" buy the maize flour (Maismehl) that I could find in any German supermarket. There were two things that stopped me: I had never made maize tortillas before Nixtamalization.